About Us

We love a healthy lifestyle

We're a collective of beach-dwelling Aussies who live for summer and the great outdoors. 
We love fresh fruit and produce, and shopping at our local farmers' market.
We're conscious of what goes into our bodies because we know, "You are what you eat!"

We love to travel

We're always travelling and moving around for work and play.  And we like our belongings to be portable too.

Our founder is a travel videographer who's happy anywhere in the world as long as the coffee is flowing, and the smoothies are green.

Blendy is a smart, conveniently-portable and cordless USB blender.
So with Blendy, we think we've found the answer to being healthy on the go, wherever.

We love simple design 

OK, OK so we're art school drop-outs, but we ogle and absorb good design all around us. 

We love Blendy's simple and elegant design, and use of glass, in the sea of same-same plastic bottle blenders.

And we're going to add every colour of the rainbow to our collection.

We're a small, Australian family business with BIG DREAMS!

We're 100% Australian-owned, born and bred on the Gold Coast, Queensland. 
And it's our mission to make the lives of Australians just that little bit more healthy and convenient.
Thank you for your order, and we hope you love Blendy as much as we do.
Louie our Boss-Doggie